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Sunday, November 23, 2008

We have Winners!!! Gods Behaving Badly

We have winners for Gods Behaving Badly.

Thanks to those who blogged about the contest. It sure helped your chances!

Thank you Valerie from Hachette.

There were 17 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

(Results were input on Random.org)
(Timestamp: 2008-11-24 00:21:38 UTC)

  1. Sara
  2. Kaye
  3. Bethany
  4. TJ Baff
  5. Vicki


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Tessa Talk said...

My Congratulations to the winners, also!

And thank you for telling me that you too, enjoyed 'Twilight.' Plus, we both would like to see it in less crowded conditions. :-)

Reading 'New Moon' slowly and savoring it, is the best way. (Especially since filming of 'New Moon' has been already given the green light!) I rushed through it myself, on first reading. And missed things.

Now that the excitement is over, for both the final book coming out, and the film coming out... I hope to re-read all four of them, slowly. Not necessarily in a row. It's a busy Season now. And a Season when I like to sink into cozy-ish reading. :-) ('An Irish Country Christmas,' at the moment...)

But I do want to re-read the four 'Twilight' books.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Jo-Jo said...

Congrats to the winners...It sounds like a fun one!

Toni said...

Yes... Congrats to the winners!!!

I hope to have some more giveaways soon! Stay tuned.

Tessa.. Thank you.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all also.

Darlene said...

Congrats ladies!

Serena said...

Congrats to the winners.

Anonymous said...

Way to go winners! Book giveaways are so much fun!

Anonymous said...
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