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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight the Movie - Lit Flicks Challenge

I just wanted to say that I changed one of my Lit Flicks selection to Twilight because after reading the book and finding out that a movie was coming up, I was so excited!

I am not going to give a big big review. The movie has been out only a few days. I left several comments on Maw Books Blog where there is a nice discussion going on, but I figured those who were reading there really wanted to know and discuss it.

I liked the Twilight the movie a lot. I was caught up in the movie just like the book and I look forward to the second one. I loved the scenery, the characters, and the story line. I didn't mind the slight change here or there in the plot. Actually I was jazzed about Twilight all weekend after seeing it.

I am a Full - Fledged Twilight fan now. And proud of it. :)
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Desert Rose said...

Welcome to the Twilightacolics group :) JK. I'm a fan too and I read all the books, but haven't seen the movie yet. We don't have it here where I live yet so I need to wait till it's on DVD.. But I'm sure I'll love it, I saw the trailer and it looks really interesting :)

Toni said...

Yep.. I am a Twilightaholic. Thanks for the comment DeSeRt RoSe. :)

Bonnie said...

I'm so glad that the movie is getting good reviews and that you liked it Toni!! I was SO disapointed as a group of friends of mine went to see the movie this weekend but they arranged it very last minute. They called me an hour before they were going and I couldn't make it. I don't know anyone else who wants to see it so may have to wait for DVD!

Toni said...

Hi Bonnie... what a bummer that you missed it.. perhaps one of them is up for a repeat viewing? I think I would like a copy of the DVD.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Twilight fan too! I still haven't made it to the movie yet though. I need to. Congrats on finishing a Lit Flicks Challenge selection.

Toni said...

Hi Jessica.. I hope to finish up the Little women part of my challenge and then my next selection soon! ;)