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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GIVE AWAY!! - God's Behaving Badly

Check out this great giveaway! Valerie from Hachette Book Group is generously offering a fantastic Giveaway of the upcoming book God's Behaving Badly. FIVE COPIES are being given away at A Circle of Books.

(Check out the Hachette site!! Lots of good books coming your way).

ABOUT THE BOOK: Gods Behaving Badly By Marie Phillips

Being a Greek god is not all it once was. Yes, the twelve gods of Olympus are alive and well in the twenty-first century, but they are crammed together in a London townhouse-and none too happy about it. And they've had to get day jobs: Artemis as a dog-walker, Apollo as a TV psychic, Aphrodite as a phone sex operator, Dionysus as a DJ. Even more disturbingly, their powers are waning, and even turning mortals into trees-a favorite pastime of Apollo's-is sapping their vital reserves of strength.

Soon, what begins as a minor squabble between Aphrodite and Apollo escalates into an epic battle of wills. Two perplexed humans, Alice and Neil, who are caught in the crossfire, must fear not only for their own lives, but for the survival of humankind. Nothing less than a true act of heroism is needed-but can these two decidedly ordinary people replicate the feats of the mythical heroes and save the world?

To read more click here

Doesn't this sound fun and sassy?
To win simply leave a comment with a line or two about what sounds good about this book!
***Contest is open to USA/Canada (no P.O. boxes please)
***One per household.
***You need to be over 18 to enter.
I will need to be able to contact you via email so please leave me away to contact you if you win.

REALLY want additional chances to win? If you would like THREE entries, blog about this contest. Please let me know that you have blogged about the contest in your comment.

I can accept comments until November 22nd at Midnight. Winners to be email and announced on November 23rd.

Good Luck Everyone!


Tessa Talk said...

I didn't click on the "to read more" link, because I don't need to. Your words make me want to read this book. Fun... Fun... Fun... And I need some fun, right now.


Tessa Talk said...

Oooops, forgot a way to contact me. tessa dot talk at yahoo dot com


Serena said...

I just wanted to stop by and say that I cannot wait to read this book. No need to enter me.

Anonymous said...

Your description has me chomping at the bit to read this book. Not the type of book I usually pick up but it sounds so very interesting, funny and suspenseful at the same time. Would definitely blog about it if I could but can't. No blog. Bummer. My e-mail address is vicsterhome@aol.com. Thanks.


Darlene said...

Toni, no need to enter me but I'll post it on my blog today.

Felicia said...

Enter me please. You can reach me at FBass1@comcast.net

Toni said...

Hi Tess, Felicia, Vicki Good luck.

Serena.. thank you for stopping by!

Dar... thanks for posting.

PS... The book description came from Hachette... I haven't read it yet. I will be reviewing soon.

Good luck and thanks for entering.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hi, Toni! No need to enter me; I'm just dropping in to say hi and thanks much for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

Jo-Jo said...

Please enter me! Greek Gods in today's society...who wouldn't want to read that??

Sara said...

Please enter me, I want to see how the update works for some of my favorite mythological characters.

I blogged about your contest here:

Toni said...

Hi Susan!! Thank you. What a great site you have!! Jo-Jo and Sara.. welcome to the contest!

a real librarian said...

Oh, this book sounds great! I'd love to read it! Please enter me!


Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Colleen said...

This sounds awesome. Whenever I read Greek myths I think about how the gods have a lot of negative human qualities, and how they tend to really screw up the lives of humans. This book sounds like it's a neat twist on those ideas!

Toni said...

Hi Real Librarian and Colleen! Welcome to the give away!!

bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

Oh this sounds so good because...well I think it will be light and funny. I need that right now!!!:)


Toni said...

I am with you Bethany... I can use it for sure. Welcome to the giveaway.

Rebekah E. said...

I just love greek mythology. I so want to read this book. Please enter me.

Keyo said...

Count me in. With a catchy title like this, i surely would want to read it! :) thanks.


Gwendolyn B. said...

I want to read this book because it sounds like fun! Thanks for the chance!
geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

Toni said...

Rebekah, Keyomi, and Gwendolyn welcome to the giveaway... Good luck!

.Books by TJ Baff said...

I would really love to win this one. it sounds really fun and lately there has been a lot of stuff about the gods...ie) Valentine Inc. A new show on tv.

ptbaff at cogeco dot ca

Kaye said...

Gods with day jobs, that's a new take. Sounds funny. Enter me please and i am putting a link on my blog
florida982002@yahoo dot com

Toni said...

TJ and Kaye!! Welcome to the giveway! it is coming up soon now!! ;)

Anonymous said...
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