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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunger Games - a review by Toni

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

I enjoyed this book.  I have been in a reading slump for quite sometime.  This book really got me reading and turning pages fast.   Reading this book actually was in competition for my knitting and violin playing.   At first I was in a bit of an alarm, thinking that it might be too graphic or too unimaginably horrific to read.  I quickly warmed up to the characters and the main theme.  I enjoyed a lot of the aspects of the book. The survivalist parts of the book were compelling also.   I am thankful that the book was not overly graphic in any way as I would not have been able to read.  So at the end of the book, I had only one option left.  And that was to quickly download Catching Fire!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twilight reread and New Books- Algonquin - 3/27/2012

I rarely reread books.  Let alone YA fiction...let alone... vampire books.   However, this past week I decided to delve into Twilight about 3 years later to see what I thought now.  I had picked up a  Valentines Day special $2.99 Kindle edition book.  
I won't go into full review detail again, but there were parts that I had forgotten and I liked it!   Parts that were left out in the movie, were very good in the book.    (I am sure I have watched the movie 10 times or so) To note a few:  How Dr. Cullen came into existence was left out of the movie; also the key part of the story that links Alice's change into a vampire that really spurned on Jame's obsession with killing Bella. I read it slowly and took the time to note the vocabulary and characters.

I think the book is a fine young adult book.  I would recommend it as a young adult read.  I think aside from the plot there are great references to classical music, literature, and history.  Not bad for a sappy vampire love story.

I will not be rereading the other books.  Twilight was my favorite read from the series and I enjoy the movie too.   I loved all the direct quotes from the book that were inculcated into the movie.   The movies that follow in the series seem to have less of that, which is okay, because I believe the other books needed sprucing up.  I was glad the writing for the big screen took  liberties with the stories.

I am looking for a series to read, and true to my character, always years behind everyone else, I just downloaded Hunger Games.  I know absolutely nothing about the books, series or movies.  All the blogging reviews from a few years ago is a distant memory, except, where there is smoke there is fire, so I am expecting good things from the series.

And then I'd like to note that a few books arrived at my house.  Thank you Algonquin.

The Aleppo Codex by Matti Friedman
Coming May 15th.  For Details click on this Link.


The Coldest Night, Robert Olmstead
Here is the link about this book.

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