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Monday, July 14, 2014


Hello to all!

I have struggled for months and months to get my password associated with this blog.  In the end I lost. I am now blogging, rather leisurely at www.thesoapyviolinist.blogspot.com.  Because I make soap and play the violin now.

I really hope to see some of my good ole blog friends at the new site and get reacquainted with you all.

I am actually starting to read again... solo and with a group.  I have stacks of books to review and enjoy.  Focus on the Enjoy part!

As of this day... I cracked the code for this blog and my hound dog Blog!  I am a bit excited  to say the least!

I hope soon to update the Hound Dog Blog.

If all was easy.. I'd combine this blog and my followers from here and just  have one nice long blog from the past.. but it is not easy (for me)  As of now it seems I have two Google Plus accounts.. (as if I can even understand that whole process... )

Well I have to say it was cozy to log into my old stomping ground.   It was hard to let go and start that other blog and just sort of write into no where land, but it seems hard to go back to the past.  I don't read a lot of book reviews now or review a lot of books.  I suppose a change has come.  It came along time ago, just when I will get used to it?  I am not quite sure about that.

The older I get the more slow to accept change, even though it is happening, and there isn't a thing I can do to stop it.

I like to cook, garden and I am still knitting and updating my life as a new musician  and soap maker on the other blog. Please feel free to visit me, I miss you all.

Thanks for  reading.

Love and Sunshine,