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Monday, July 23, 2012

New Books -Summer 2012

Summer brings good opportunities for reading and I have been remiss to post some great new reads I received to review.   Still on an on and off reading drought. 

Reading News:
I finished the Hunger Games Series and was pleased.  I didn't post a review on the final on because it would just spoil it even to mention who is in the book.  Interesting series.  Every now and again I can get caught up with the end of the world and the survival of different  groups of people.  It is thought provoking, but a little depressing.

 I am in the middle of Sidney Sheldon's Angel of Darkness.  It is good.  A little scary for me, but it is good and they are on the killers trail.  So I need to finish it.    I might have paused on this on because I figured it out early....but you never know!

Violin news!
Yes, it is true when I am not knitting  or reading I am playing the violin.  I am into it 7 months and I am truly enjoying it.  I had my first recital.  Yes, you heard that... all the little ones and OLD me.  It was terrifying but fun, but terrifying, but motivating, and did I mention terrifying?

Dexter News!
My best pal and Editor friend Dex is doing great.  He is approaching  four years old and he is just the best dog ever. 

That is about as much as an update as I have for now. 

Thanks to Penguin, and Harper Collins for the books to review.