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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Book Chat-The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker - chat 4

Hello and Welcome to Day 4 of the Little Giant Chat.

Dar with Peeking Between the Pages will surely have more thoughts also in our co-review of this top notch "compelling" novel.

I am just a few pages shy of Chapter 19 as I had to make some deviled eggs and prepare to go out for Thanksgiving Dinner. But I had some quiet time this morning before the cooking to read.

By Chapter 13 Truly is in a different place than the horse farm and even though she puts up with a lot of verbal abuse from the Evil Doctor Morgan, it seems as though she is accepting her life and her new role as a caregiver for Bobbie. It is bittersweet to read as we can see all the love that she has to give and yet she has taken a back seat to the role of mother and wife because she doesn't feel that she will ever have that option in life. But nonetheless we see that her spirit is not crushed it sort of just is numb and busy with the tasks of a household. It is sad and maddening to read. But what she is doing and how she is supporting sweet Bobbie is an insight to her sweet soul.

In chapter 16 we get to see where this book is heading with "the quilt" that has been mentioned so many times and the story gets back on another focused and interesting story. We can see that Truly is coming to life in this revelation and I love to see her come alive. Not alive for a normal person but alive compared to the dull, lonely life that she has been living so far in this book.

Marcus also sees this in Truly and he is intrigued with what she is up to. Doctor Robert Morgan has no clue what she is up to but he is up to his own schemes and plots and his latest deception involves Amelia.

The prologue spells it out as far as what is happening and through the chapters the author let's the narration build up the suspense as to how and why this will come about. It is done in an excellent narrative voice.

So that is what is going in the story in the vaguest sense. The writing continues to be clever, poetic, and original. I am really bummed (not really) but sort of, that I have to leave the book to go to dinner.

Let's check out what Dar has to say over at Peeking Between the Pages.

Happy Day to all.


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