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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Book Chat-The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker - chat 3

Hello Everyone.

Once again I am having a fun time co-reviewing a book with Dar from (Peeking Between the Pages).

Here are some of my thoughts on Chapters 7-13. I am going to do my best just to make a comment or two as part of the joy in reading this book has been to watch the story unfold.

Truly continues to be hounded and harassed by other children in school but she does have a few sidekicks and I think for her that is her saving grace. I don't even know if I could take the story if we didn't have some friends for Truly.

The book setting now enters the time of the Viet Nam War and there is a tie in with the story and some of the community members in Aberdeen.

In chapter 8 we meet Bob Bob Morgan and follow his quest for Serena Jane. Serena Jane continues to live up to her legacy as the town beauty queen with a major disappointment that changes her dreams and hopes. We find out some of the insecurities of Serena Jane and it reiterates the theme in life, that beauty is only skin deep and beauty alone does not save a person from the hard knocks of the world.

I am keeping this post shorter and unrevealing as I do not want to spoil. The book is a Page Turner and I believe it will make a great book club selection. So go ahead and add it to your list. The story is good, the writing is enchanting.

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