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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

I am a late comer to reading this book. The story behind my involvement in reading this book is such. I saw my co-worker reading this beautiful book (not Twilight) but one of the later books in the series over the summer and I inquired about the book. She told me how good it was and how she was hooked and could not wait for the up coming release of the latest book in August. I was intrigued and inquired into my book club and I think at that point someone mentioned that it was Young Adult and Vampire. So I was not as enthused as before. I don't typically read Young Adult. A few of my book clubbers (The Page Turners) did read the series or at least some of them and it stayed in my mind. I felt that I wanted to read them but I was going to read at a time when I had less on my plate. So I had a few further conversations with my co-worker and told her that October I would read the series. It would be my Halloween treat. But still I didn't want to be a sucker for a gorgeous book cover.

Well I forgot.. and Wednesday, November 6th I was talking with her and she said, "hey, I thought you were going to read the Twilight books in October." I said, "that's right! I am going to buy it at lunch today." And I did! ( yes... I still buy books... a lot of them!!) Anyway my co-worker Nikki is just in love with the books and she glows when she talks about them so I thought let's go! I just don't get more glowing recommendations than that!

The Summary:

My Vampire Book / Movie History:
I really enjoyed the book. As I mentioned before, I didn't expect a lot from the book but I wanted a story and I wanted something simple. I just wanted to get lost in a book and just feel like I couldn't put it down. I was so pleasantly surprised. Even though it is young adult for some reason I was expecting too much violence and gore. This was not the case. Meyer was able to write really well and keep my heart pounding without writing a graphic novel.

I feel I got more than I expected and I am really thrilled with the book. As much as I like the stories of Vampires, I haven't really read or watched much about them. I did read Anne Rice's, The Vampire Le Stat years ago. It was very intense for me at the time. I also watched, Interview with a Vampire. Being a huge Cruise/Pitt fan, I just loved that movie, however intense it was. Also as I get older and the "times" change, even for young adult I was curious as what young adult means in this day and age.

But still, I haven't watched any TV series or other vampire movies. (Blade, Buffy??) I do recall watching some late night vampire movies when I was in high school. The plot was something like this. The vampire is sleeping in a coffin and then wakes up as the moon rises (organ music, a bit of clouds pass over the moon). The kind where the vampire gets the woman to look into his eyes and he lures her up the stairs by an open window, in the bedroom of a Victorian mansion Then he gets her to surrender as he bites her neck she is tormented between pleasure and pain and then flies out the window as a bat. Sometimes after the bite the victim's eyes turn cold and zombie like and then she is now a vampire also. Do you get the picture?

Back to my review:
I enjoyed this book and I call it a real Page Turner. I think Stephenie Meyer did a great job with this book for young adults and other readers alike. Meyer has a way of creating suspense and excitement in a scene without having to resort to graphic detail. She writes pages and pages of prelude into a scene that kept me reading until late in the night. I fell in love with Clumsy Bella and the ever stoic and charming Edward.

At first Edward annoyed me. Maybe not annoyed me, but I felt he was messing with Bella and I hated to see her so conflicted. It wasn't until later that I grew to understand him and his motives. I was drawn to the Cullen family and their love and protective nature along with their sense of community, family and values. (Vampires??) The rich backdrop of Forks, Washington provided the most excellent scenery for the book which made it an excellent cool November read.

I have heard some feedback now on the next in the series which has lead me to believe that I won't be satisfied, but I don't think that will be the case. I am in the scenes with these characters now for the long haul. Whatever Meyer wants to do with them I will be content. I am 500 pages in 3 days vested into this story and I am not going anywhere. I read the sneak peak into the next book and I am happy.

Do I recommend the book. Yes I do! I believe it is good to get lost in a book. I also think it is a series that I can and would recommend for young adults. I like the pure love in the book. Meyer writes of a love that is pure and unselfish and I found a innocent and rich quality in the story without a lot of complexity. Meyer wove a wonderful story with outstanding characters and I am zooming out to buy New Moon, very soon.

I had to go to three stores to find the edition with the apple on it, since the movie is coming out November 21st. I had no idea there was a movie coming out. But you betcha I will be there to see it. I am very curious to what they will do with this story line.

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Since I just read this book and the movie is coming out, I am going to change one of my Lit Flicks Challenges to include Twilight.

In the meantime I started The Gate House tonight and will be finishing The Firemaster's Mistress this weekend. Look for an upcoming review.


Darlene said...

Hey, first how did you get this comment box. I'd like to change mine to that but can't figure out how.

Second, what an awesome review Toni!!! You really captured what this book is about-you can write scary vampire stuff and yet not be vividly graphic. As for the book I loved it. Bella is my absolute favorite with her clumsy nature-she makes me laugh. I think you'll find the next book even better.

Toni said...

Hi Dar....

I can't wait to get moving on the next book.

I changed my settings recently. I will go check and then email you. :)

Thanks for the comment.

Toni said...

Oh yeah.. Dar...PS.. you know me.... I am okay with graphic.... but it was very refreshing and a signe of detailed writing to have my heart pumping that fast with no swearing, sex, or extreme violence. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing a Lit Flicks Challenge selection! I really like Twilight, and, though I was a little disappointed with the rest of the series, there is no denying that Stephenie Meyer is an excellent storyteller.

Toni said...

Jessica! It was a treat to read. I am finishing up Little Women this weekend. I am enjoying having the Lit Flicks Challenge to keep me motivated. :)

Tessa Talk said...

So happy to come across people, who enjoyed the 'Twilight' series. It's not my usual reading either, but I was hooked.

I even have a favorite character. :-) And it's not Bella. It's Alice.


Toni said...

HI Tessa.. thanks for the comment! I too am hooked. I can't wait to read the next book.

Tessa Talk said...

Thank you for your Hello and Welcome.

And thank you for this lovely blog. It's pretty to the eye. And looks like a wonderful place to find more, for my 'what to read next' list. :-)

And I think most people have one of those 'what to read next' lists! Or.... a huge pile of books, still waiting for them. But more ideas are always great.


Maggs said...

Hi, I loved your review, and I also love Twilight! For me it has been the book of the year so far. Thanks for your review.

Toni said...

Hi Margo! I really enjoyed being lost in the Twilight story. I kept thinking that I am older and more cynical, and true love isn't like that any more... I can see the side of those that might call it sappy...but when one is 17 and in love, I think that is EXACTLY how true love should be. I remember it feeling like that. New Moon is on my nightstand calling to me!! Thanks for the comment.