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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guest Review - Drood - Gary Harris

A review of Drood, by Dan Simmons
By Gary R Harris.

Going into reading Drood I had no expectations of any kind. I knew nothing about the book. I didn't even read the back or anything else. I skipped the soup and salad and went for the meat. The first 10 or so pages had me so off balance I could barely understand the words I was reading.

Wilkie completely takes over before your eyes and his voice and beliefs become your own.
The book made me love an insane attention seeking drug addict in a way that didn't feel stretched. I love everything about this book except for the page count. I don't think this story needed over 700 pages and that although every sentence is perfect, some of the time while I was reading, I was wishing something would happen.

This book is worth the investment in time. Even if it is just to marvel at the power of Dan Simmon's incredible talent.

****the photo above is Gary's son. He asked me of the front cover one time "Is this a good guy Nana?" I say to him... "you have to read the book Elliott."


bermudaonion said...

I'm glad you explained the picture because I was wondering how someone that young could read this book! I agree that this book is well worth the time invested in it.

Toni said...

I agree Kathy, the book is well worth reading. I have to say there were a few dry spots, but they were still worthy. I was reading the book faster than I had originally wanted and therefore I think this impacted my thoughts on it. On the other hand reading it steady at 100+ pages a day I did get to experience a lot of WOW all at once. This book for me is another book I will have in my library for years to come as part of my classic contemporary favorites. I think it ranks up there with Atlas Shrugged, Gone with the Wind, and East of Eden.

I am now truly inspired to read Charles Dickens. Gary has been on me forever to read Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities.

I guess I just can't quit talking about Drood. Ha ha.. I was also thinking that some of the stuff in the book was just really repulsive and ugh and I just usually can't read that kind of stuff... but it made sense for this book. Does that make sense?

I am also curious if anyone out there has read The Crimson Petal and the White by Faber. I think there is a similar narrative voice in the book. Even though I recall the voice fading away in Crimson. Anyway.. it has the same kind of sneery sound as Wilkie's "Dear Reader" tone. I recommend that book to anyone that enjoyed this book. But would add an adult content, warning on that one for language and nudity.

If one is looking for a clean book that has a lot of the grimy elements I would recommend Forever Amber even though the era predates Drood significantly. (Yikes.. this is from memory and very much pre coffee jibber jabber).

Ti said...

I am reading this one now and it's taking me forever because I love it so much. I want to savory every page.

Jenn said...

Great review, Gary!!

Jenn said...

And adorable picture (I hit post comment before I was ready!). I think I recognize that shirt :)

Dar said...

As usual, Gary writes an awesome review. Yes, 700 pages is daunting-lol. I hope to read this one of these days. I love the pic of Elliott-too cute. He's going to be a reader.

Toni said...

Hi Hi.. thanks for checking in on my guest post. :)

Ti.. I am so glad you are lovin' it.

Jenn... yep.. that is the shirt... thank you..

Dar.. thank you! I think Elliott will be a reader.

Anonymous said...

Thx for the cloths jenn. You've helped my son stay 'fitted' for months now. Thank you!


Serena said...

great guest review...thanks!

Felicia said...

Another great review by Mr. Harris. Another book added to the TBR list.

sweetsue said...

You convinced me, I am going to order this right away!