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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand, Carrie Vaughn - BLOG Tour and Giveaway

Welcome to the blog tour for:
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Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand and Kitty Raises Hell, by Carrie Vaughn.

Introducing the Author:
Carrie Vaughn had the nomadic childhood of the typical Air Force brat, with stops in California, Florida, North Dakota, Maryland, and Colorado. She holds a Masters in English Literature and collects hobbies-fencing and sewing are currently high on the list. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Please also check out Carrie Vaughn's "happening" website

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand.

Description (Warning description might contain spoilers for those that are just starting the series)


Already the alpha pair of Denver's werewolf pack, Kitty and Ben now plan to tie the knot human-style by eloping to Vegas. Kitty is looking forward to sipping fru-fru drinks by the pool and doing her popular radio show on live TV, but her hotel is stocked with werewolf-hating bounty hunters. Elsewhere on the Strip an old-school magician might be wielding the real thing; the vampire community is harboring a dark secret; and the irresistible star of a suspicious animal act is determined to seduce Kitty. Sin City has never been so wild, and this werewolf has never had to fight harder to save not only her wedding, but her very life.

My review:
I really wanted to join in on the tour and read this series, but started having regrets because I am probably the least likely person to read a book on a werewolf. I didn't even know what the word lycanthrope meant. I don't know the legends, and myths of the whole genre. Yep.. I am a newbie to the werewolf world. But guess what? I enjoyed the book! I read part of the first book in the series to kind of get in the groove of the series and of course due to reading deadlines, I had to jump into the last two books right away for this tour. Hey I liked it!

I am going to read the whole series from beginning to end and review each one. I like Kitty, Ben and the whole werewolf thing. The Vegas setting is familiar to me. Fun books!!! I will continue to read on and enjoy. I also like that they aren't too too scary but just enough suspense for me.

I like the fact that these are cuddle up and read in a night or two. I also like Kitty, she is honest, brave and very cool!

Kitty Raises Hell

Description: (Caution - Description may contain a spoiler for those just starting the series)

In the sixth novel of Vaughn's bestselling series, Kitty and Ben return to their werewolf pack in Denver, only to discover an invisible evil that smells of brimstone has followed them home, leaving a charred trail of death across the city.

And now for the GIVEAWAY!!!

This is for the entire set of books in the Kitty Norville series!

Thank you to Miriam from Hachette for the books for this awesome giveaway.

Kitty and the Midnight Hour
Kitty Goes to Washington

Kitty Takes a Holiday

Kitty and the Silver Bullet

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand

Kitty Raises Hell

Giveaway Details:
US and Canada Only - NO P.O. Boxes
The books come from Hachette directly.

Drawing to be held on

To Enter:
Leave me a comment with your email. As usual that will give you
one entry into the random drawing.

Leave me a link to your blog post announcing the contest or your side bar and I will enter your name
5 times for the random drawing or follow my blog. If you already follow then you are all set!

Good luck everyone! Here is a look at the other books. I tell you...getting the series in the mail is very exciting.

See what others are saying!


tetewa said...

I'd like to be included, count me in! tWarner419@aol.com

Indigo said...

Awesome Giveaway! Please include me in the drawing. Thanks! Indigo


Indigo said...

I also follow you on Google Reader. Thanks! Indigo


Mo from Unmainstream Mom Reads said...

No need to enter me, I just wanted to say that I am so glad to hear that although you weren't a werewolf person, you tried the books anyway and liked them :) Very cool.

My blog tour post is here Unmainstream Mom Reads if you want to add the link to your list :)

bridget3420 said...

Count me in:)


bridget3420 said...

I'm already a follower.


Kelly (AKA bookfool) said...

No need to enter me either, but I found your blog through the tour and just wanted to say hi! (I love the picture in your header!)

I had a lot of fun with the tour, made up a playlist that I thought Kitty should be listening to and then put it in a music player on my blog. (Presumptuous of me, huh??)

I'm a follower now...love your blog!!
Kelly (The Novel Bookworm, used to be bananas4books.blogspot)

drey said...

great post! & good for you, trying the series! :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, please enter me for sure. I think these sound like a really fun series and I'd love to check them out. These type of books are often great.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm now following,


lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Crystal said...

I'm a new follower!

bermudaonion said...

I'm not into werewolves either, but your review has convinced me that I should give these books a try. Please enter me. You're in my Google Reader. milou2ster(at)gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Please enter me and I'll be sure to blog about it this upcoming Monday!

spiffyish @ hotmail.com

Pissenlit said...

Whoa! Awesome giveaway! I love the series but don't actually own any of the books and I've still yet to read Kitty Raises Hell.

un_pissenlit (at) hotmail (dot) com

Debs Desk said...

Please include me in your giveaway.

Becca said...

Please enter me. I would love to read this series!

I blogged about this here:



Anonymous said...

Please enter me. dasuzuki at yahoo dot com.

I also blogged about it here: http://debbiesworld.wordpress.com/other-book-giveawaysother-book-giveaways/

Anonymous said...

Please enter me. Thanks!


MJ said...

I'd love to win this set!

I follow.


nhertel85 said...

Please enter me in the contest. I'm a follower.


Annie said...

Fabulous Giveaway!

I'd love to escape into this series of books!



Annie said...

I follow and subscribe on google reader!



Janel said...

This series sounds like a lot of fun. Please enter me!

jgbeads AT gmail DOT com

Janel said...

I am already a subscriber : )

jgbeads AT gmail DOT com

MonieG said...

I've been dying to read this series but only have one book. This would be an awesome win.

Cheryl S. said...

Looks like an interesting series. I, too, am relatively new to the world of werewolves & would like to read this series from book 1 forward.

Please count me in - Thanks!

Nicole said...

I'm following this book tour and really want to read this series.

kalea_kane said...

Oh Toni! Please enter me! I would love to win this series! I am also a follower, and I am totally posting this giveaway. I'll be back with that link!
Thanks for being a part of this tour and thanks for the chance.


kalea_kane said...

I blogged about your giveaway here, Toni! :) Thanks



Dawn M. said...

I love the Kitty books! I have yet to read the last two but I hope to soon. Would love to win this so I could have the whole set. :0)

librarygrinch at gmail dot com

Andria said...

Sound like a good series. Thanks for the chance.

nfmgirl said...

Oooh, I've been wanting this series! Please count me in.

nfmgirl said...

I'm a follower

nfmgirl said...

Oops! Don't know if you need my email address in my comment. If so, here it is! Thank you again!

nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

Josef13 said...

Please count me in! :)

NotNessie said...

Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.


Anita Yancey said...

Love to read the books. Please enter me in your great giveaway. Thanks!


PhantomMinuet said...

I want to participate!

I've posted promos at my blogs:



webbie said...

I love Kitty! I mean really, a werewolf named Kitty is uber lovable, doncha think?


Ellen C. said...

These look like great reads. Thanks for the chance.

sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

Melissa said...

This looks like a great series!

valerie2350 said...

would love to read this series :)

valerie2350 said...

new follower

valerie2350 said...

blogged here:

bridget3420 said...

Posted contest on my sidebar:


kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Would love to win!

LT said...

I would love to read this series, thanks for the chance to win!

loriandtonytt at comcast dot net

ginnn7 said...

i would love to read these books, they sound great. thanks

Penelope said...

Thanks for the great reviews, I've been interested in this series for a while. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

lifessweetpassions {at} gmail {dot} com

Selinda said...

Thank you!

selinda_mccumbers at yahoo.com

AngelFabs said...

These books sound great!

Dina said...

Count me in - what a fun set!

Mari said...

I would love to be entered for these books. Thanks, Toni. :)

Beth said...

Great set of books. Would love to have them. Thanks for the chance.

Book Spot said...

Oooh, this is a great giveaway! I'd *love* to win :)

book.splot AT gmail DOT com

Book Spot said...

and I subscribe through Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

I love Kitty and would love to own the whole set of books so far. Count me in.


Anonymous said...

I blogged about this contest on my LJ:


Anonymous said...

I follow via Yahoo reader.


Book Spot said...

oh, and it's part of my contest sidebar, too :) http://book-splot.blogspot.com/

Lerrgoo said...

I'm in : lg4154@yahoo.com

yellow said...

Awesome giveaway! I've been wanting to get into this series, and what better way than with a boatload of freebies :) Thanks for the entry!

Anonymous said...
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