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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Extra Pounds ... Sensible approach?

I have been complaining about some extra lbs that are continuously creeping and staying on my body. A very good friend sent me an article called

15 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

I normally don't read a lot of that stuff. I am a life time WW member, I know about little snacks, protein, exercise, portions, I have a pretty dead metabolism so a lot of the time to me it is just reiterating stuff that I already know to be true.. but not always true for me. To loose weight I have to run 4 miles a day AND do Weight Watchers to a "T".
Well needless to say I haven't been doing either.

Well this article just hit the spot. Thank you Vicki!

While I am not doing everything just yet....

Here is what I am doing:

I am getting up an hour early and walking the dog for a brisk almost jog for 30 minutes. I am making the egg/egg white omelet, along with oatmeal and a banana. (wow it is hard to get that much food in, as I am not used to eating until work and then just usually a lousy diet yogurt).

I am doing some sort of WW lunch plans. Yesterday grilled chicken and green beans. Today a frozen entree (Tuna noodle casserole)

I am saving the yogurt for a snack in the afternoon. I do enjoy it more as a snack in the after noon rather than breakfast. The article suggests a protein snack.

I am drinking more water....and cold too!

I am sipping coffee. (yeah.. sounds odd.. but you gotta read the article).

I am going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier and trying to cut out the second glass of wine.

And there are some other things that I am going to try also, like green tea, fish oil pills, adding chopped green or red chili's, and iron rich foods. Along with a sensible Weight Watchers Eating Schedule.

To get the gist just read the article.. it makes sense.. I like sensible approaches to things. What do you think?

Here is a shot of Dex on the first day.. He is loving the extra exercises, he just starting moaning and whining when he sees the running shoes on in the morning. The second is a picture of my omelete. It is simple.. one egg, one egg white, on slice cheese in the middle, with salt and pepper. On my next grocery run I will get some onions and peppers to jazz it up.


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting this. I did WW a few years ago with great success, but ever since I got married the pounds have creeped (well, maybe jumped) on. So I'm trying to do WW on my own again, but these are great tips to incorporate, too.

bermudaonion said...

Good luck! Dexter should be a great motivator for you!

Janel said...

Thanks for passing on that article! I've been goofing off since the kids got out of school and I really need to get back on track.

Good luck!

Toni said...

You are all welcome and good luck. I liked the article because it combines a lot of good sense to me. I mean you can just drink green tea to burn fat and eat whatever you want.. or any one step alone isn't enough. I like how it is a combo of little tips.... Feeling optimistic... and yet.. I am no dummy.. diet and exercise is key. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, and Dexter looks very happy!

Diane said...

good info; thank you and i bet your Dex sure is happy to be jogging along with you early in the am.

ANovelMenagerie said...

I wanted to give a shout-out to Dex! Hey, Buddy!

Dixie said...

Great information! I'm trying to whittle my middle and I feel motivated now. I have trouble with a big breakfast too. Used to just toast and coffee but I'm trying to do better.

Serena said...

good luck with your new plan...and dex is too cute!

Toni said...

Well I have to say that I did my little part for three days in a row and I don't know what my metabolism was doing but I felt like a million bucks. It is my day off today.. I still had the 1.5 egss.. couldn't get down the oatmeal.. but hey I can't tell you the bounds of energy I had the last few days. :)

Dexter say "hey" to all.

Lenore said...

Omlette looks good! Now I want to make one for myself.

Bingo said...

Thanks, Toni....some really good and should be easy to try some of them at least ideas...I had half my thyroid removed years back and so I always have to work on metabolism and stay on meds...I LOVE your dog!...tell Dex he is lookin' good and a good pal to walk you! :D

Alyce said...

Good luck with your weight loss! I learned a lot about these metabolism uppers when my hypothyroidism was diagnosed. I do just about anything I can to up my metabolism. (But then again when I'm faced with the choice between oatmeal and a doughnut for breakfast, the doughnut wins hands down.) :)

Dexter does look very happy!

Angie said...

Good luck with your weight loss project.

Another thing that helps to speed up metabolism is Organic Coconut Oil.

Sheila DeChantal said...

I am a lifetime WW too. Some days are great.... some not so much. It is always good to have the little reminders. :)