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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bookshelf Meme - From Jo-Jo

The Book Shelf Meme:

Okay so.. I got this Meme from Jo-Jo.

It is a questionnaire meme. Please talk about the following.

The book that’s been on your shelves the longest:

It is a tie. I have three! My mom got me hardbound readers editions of Gone with the Wind, Dr. Zhivago, and Lady Chatterly's Lover in Christmas of 1983. I still have them. I have moved and got rid of most books about 4-5 times over my life. I have always hung onto these.

A book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time, etc.):

This is a thought provoking question. I think I will have to go back to 1983 and Gone with the Wind. I did an 18 page report on it in my senior year in high school. Good times!

A book you acquired in some interesting way (gift, serendipity in a used bookstore, prize, etc.):
I think the best and most fun time for me was going at midnight to Borders to get my Deathly Hallows books in my Harry Potter Scarf. I think that was a GREAT TIME!

A book that’s been with you to the most places:

Well the book that has the most miles on it would be The Autobiography of Henry VIII, by Margaret George. I got to meet up with my book club in Baltimore in 2006 and that was our selection for August that year. So Henry went with me. It was a hoot. I have some great pics of me and my girl friends having a book / slumber party. I might share the photo, but I think I need permission to post a Jammie photo online.

The most recent addition to your shelves:

A very nice co-worker mailed me a book and I received it yesterday by Nicholas Evans called The Loop. He and I like to talk about books and dogs and he remembered this book and sent it to me. I am excited to read it.

A bonus book that you want to talk about but doesn’t fit into the other questions:

One of my favorite books that I love to have nearby all the time is The Hours, by
Michael Cunningham. I really love the book. I know it isn't a upbeat book, but it always puts me into a trance and the writing is magnificent. I think it qualifies for one of the most unique books I have ever read.

So I am going to tag the following blogs:
Dar at Peeking Between the Pages
Jenn at Jenn's Bookshelf
Debbie at Wrighty Reads.

Here are the rules for those of you that were tagged:

1. Tag 3-5 people, so the fun keeps going!
2. Leave a comment at the original post at A Striped Armchair, so that Eva can collect everyone’s answers.
3. If you leave a comment and link back to Eva as the meme’s creator, she will enter you in a book giveaway contest! She has a whole shelf devoted to giveaway books that you’ll be able to choose from, or a bookmooch point if you prefer.
4. Remember that this is all about enjoying books as physical objects, so feel free to describe the exact book you’re talking about, down to that warping from being dropped in the bath water…
5. Make the meme more fun with visuals! Covers of the specific edition you’re talking about, photos of your bookshelves, etc.


Alyce said...

I wasn't aware The Hours was a book (I'm a little embarrassed to admit that). Standing in line for HP at midnight with an HP scarf sounds like a lot of fun. I never did that. I always got mine the next day.

Wrighty - said...

What a clever idea! You had such interesting answers too. I'll have to think about this one a little. Thanks so much for the tag.

Dar said...

This is a good meme Toni. I'll try to get to it this week sometime. Good old Henry VIII hey. lol.

Toni said...

Alyce.. yes.. The Hours is a good book.... Pulitzer Prize... :) The movie was good, but I think because I had read the book, otherwise I think the movie left some confused.

Wrighty.. can't wait to see what your write.

Dar... yep Good Ole Henry VIII

Jo-Jo said...

Thanks for sharing your answers Toni! Who can't love Gone With the Wind? I even named my dog Miss Scarlett! lol

Toni said...

Too awesome Jo-Jo... I once named a cat Maggie after Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin roof. I also named a cat Shelby after Julie Roberts in Steel Magnolias.

Oh have you read Scarlett, the sequel to Gone With The Wind?