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Monday, July 6, 2009

Blog Tour - The Castaways - Elin Hilderbrand

The Castaways - Elin Hilderbrand

Welcome to Day Two of The Castaways Blog Tour
That is my book... on my very legs... on my very own vacation. I am loving the book. Sorry to say my review is not ready. You want the excuse? Well it is because when I mixed the beach, the Fourth of July, and a mini family getaway, a lot of the time that I thought I would spend devouring the book, was lost. However, I did crack it open in Bodega Bay on the Fourth of July weekend. The weather despite lack of a blue sky was warm, with a hint of a breeze, just a perfect day to lounge and read. I am promising Dexter/beach trip photos this week! And my thoughts on the book will be revealed this week as well.

But it is tour day so you won't be without reviews and good stuff. Check out the following blogs for all the usual fun "tour-day" stuff.

Thank you Miriam from Hachette Book Group, our fearless leader in organizing this blog tour and the fun conversations at Elin Hilderbrands, Nantucket.

Visit Elin Hilderbrand's Nantucket

July 7 (TODAY)


A bit about the book:
Greg and Tess MacAvoy are one of four prominent Nantucket couples who count each other as best friends. As pillars of their close-knit community, the MacAvoys, Kapenashes, Drakes, and Wheelers are important to their friends and neighbors, and especially to each other. But just before the beginning of another idyllic summer, Greg and Tess are killed when their boat capsizes during an anniversary sail. As the warm weather approaches and the island mourns their loss, nothing can prepare the MacAvoy's closest friends for what will be revealed.

Once again, Hilderbrand masterfully weaves an intense tale of love and loyalty set against the backdrop of endless summer island life.

A bit about Elin Hilderbrand:
Elin Hilderbrand lives on Nantucket with her husband and their three young children. She grew up in Collegeville, PA, and traveled extensively before settling on Nantucket, which has been the setting for her seven previous novels. Hilderbrand is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the graduate fiction workshop at the University of Iowa

The orginal "Castaway Cocktail"

Mix Shake StirNamed after the town in Nantucket which is also home to Surfside beach. This cocktail is a spin on the classic Southside (2 oz. Gin, 1 oz. Lemon ½ oz. Simple, Fresh Mint) cocktail, which is a requisite cooler for any beachside vacation.

1.5 oz G Vine « Floraison » Gin
½ oz Lemon Juice
½ oz. Simple Syrup
4 Leaves Lemon Verbena
4 Slices Cucumber
Club Soda
3 dashes A.B. Smeby Summer Verbena bitters

Quickly muddle the Verbena and cucumber with the lemon juice and simple. Add the Gin and ice and shake. Pour contents into a highball glass and top with soda. Finish with 3 dashes lemon verbena bitters.

Garnish with cucumber wheel.

G’Vine Gin

G’Vine is a French gin based out of Cognac
Most gin products are, at their core, distilled from grain. The unique thing about G’Vine gin is that it is made from neutral grape spirit, from the wine of Ugni Blanc Grapes. Ugni Blanc is also known as a Trebbiano and is used in the brandies of Cognac and Armagnac. In addition, the gin is infused with the flowering Ugni Blanc blossoms which are picked before they turn into grape berries. This period is called “Floraison”, hence the name. 9 botanicals are distilled separately (ginger root, liquorice, green cardamom, cassia bark, coriander, juniper berries, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime) and then blended with the base and distilled one final time. The result is a uniquely floral gin that is quite smooth due to the grape distillate and floral in a similar vein as Hendricks.

Created at The Modern by Ehren Ashkenazi. For more delicious cocktails, see MIX SHAKE STIR

Publish Date:7/7/2009
Size:6" x 9-1/4"


bermudaonion said...

I love your photo and I look forward to your review!

Jo-Jo said...

I will be eagerly awaiting your review!

Anna said...

Great pic! Can't wait for your review!

Diary of an Eccentric

Gwendolyn B. said...

You are too funny! (Love the pic!)

Toni said...

Thanks ladies.. Can't wait to finish and post the review. Have some family medical issues this week. Thanks for leaving comments. :)

Miriam Parker said...

OMG Love this post. Thank you!

Serena said...

great photo. I haven't read this one yet, but it will be devoured soon!

Anonymous said...

Great photo. I hope you enjoyed the book. It wasn't my favorite, but maybe I should have been reading it at the beach.

Toni said...

Thank you Miriam, Serena and Carolsnotebook for stopping by.


Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

That picture is perfect! I'm envious of your beach trip; I enjoyed THE CASTAWAYS inside while it rained out ...

great characterization in this novel; I'll look for your review.

Anonymous said...

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