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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Breaking Dawn - A Review by Toni

Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer

Well this review has a long time coming. I enjoyed all of the Twilight books and this one was no exception. I confess to being a pretty big fan. However, this book was very drawn out, slow and really lacked the action of the first two books. Now that I've stated that, I guess I should state why I feel this way.

The first part of the book which I can't reveal without spoiling wasn't enjoyable for me. Blame it on age. I think a young adult might really enjoy it however. I waited too long for those scenes and I feel they were a let down. I know, I know we are keeping in clean for the YA readers, but I felt it was lacking all kinds of steam and emotion. I know that Meyer can write the steam with out the graphic adult detail, but it didn't happen for me in the first part of this book.

Then after that little chunk of the story there was a little predictable plot drama. Still that was okay, but that soon dies at the story gives birth to too much Bella and Jacob narration. Which equated to too much Bella and Jacob whining and moping. Again maybe it is just my old age talkin'. Jacob's dialog was like super teen talk. And of course this should be okay because he is a teen. I am not sure why I found it so annoying. Was it like that in all the books? I can't recall. If you love the characters and you want more Edward, Bella and Jacob in your life, this is going to probably be an great read.

Then for the next 300 or so pages, here was just too much day to day detail and conversation. I grew tired of the banter between the vampires and the wolf tribe annoying. "Vampires smell... Werewolves smell...snarl..curled lip...sneer..." Enough already!

Then a vase drops..... and the book broke open for me. (sorry can't spoil) This is a case where the ending saves the book. The ending is about 150 plus pages long. I feel the last part of the book merits a good rating and I enjoyed it tremendously. I did like the bit of drama leading up to the climatic series end. I really felt that in the last quarter of the book I was back to reading what I enjoyed in the first books.

Okay, so there it is. I love the Cullens and all that glitters in the Twilight world. And I had to know what happens. And when it boils down to it, who can resist true love and the beautiful people and all the cream cheese in the series. I am a wimp when it comes to most spooky, scary, violent or bloody books, so I have to say this was a really good mild paranormal fix for me. I would recommend these books to just about anyone. (13 and older).

I will disclose that I read the book in four parts over four months and at the time of writing this review it has been months since I read the first half of the book.

I think the movie version of Breaking Dawn is going to be better than the book. I didn't write a review on the movie New Moon. But I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a fantastic rendition of the book and I was not disappointed.

I'd like to welcome comments on Breaking Dawn. I do allow anonymous comments. On some of my prior Twilight reviews I received disrespectful or goofy comments. I will delete those. But I welcome all view points. Good or Bad.... let's talk about the book. Did you review the book? Please include a link to your review. I'd love to read it.

Please see my sidebar for reviews on Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and The Host, all books by Stephenie Meyer.

Thanks to my own pocketbook, I treated myself to this lovely book. I have to say the Twilight books are so pretty and hard to resist.


Darlene said...

Great review Toni. I'm really hoping I like it when I get around to it. I do like the whole Edward, Bella and Jacob triangle so maybe it'll be right up my alley. I'm planning on reading it for the YA challenge this year.

Anonymous said...

The Twilight series isn't quite to my tastes, but I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :)

Lindsey said...

I loved the Twilight series overall but I felt there were a lot of drawn out parts in all the books. I kept catching myself flipping through the pages trying to find something a little more than "boo-hoo" dialog. But overall the story was great and I would read them again.

I enjoyed your review!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I hate that I can't put myself back in time just while I'm reading a YA book to see how I would react as a YA! But you did a great job!!!

Jenny Girl said...

This book was a let down for me until the end, like you said the last 150 pages. Yes, Jacob's dialogue was too young, and the beginning was quite predictable and ho hum. And soory, but I didn't like the whole Renesme thing. Maybe it's because I;'m an adult, I don't know, but I just rolled my eyes...a lot.
Glad you liked it overall, though. Every one has their own opinions and I totally get that.

Anna said...

Overall, I thought the book was an okay ending to the series. But I felt this this one was building to something big over many pages and then...nothing really happened. I felt a bit let down. I'm glad you enjoyed the ending, though.

Diary of an Eccentric

kanishk said...

I would react as a YA! But you did a great job!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great review. I am personally not a fan of the Twilight series, I found them soppy and girlie and too lovey dovey...yet could not stop reading them? What's that about?

Anyway I came across your profile in a hunt to find people who are interested in reading strange, random and wonderful books. Check out my blog to see if you're interested.

Also, thought I'd leave a little quote "Never judge a book by its movie". J. W. Eagan. Which is better for the twilight series the movies or the books....I have so far avoided the films!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I am one of those who still refuses to read this series. Soon I will be the only one left who hasn't...

Lisa (Southern Girl Reads) said...

After reading Lenore's comment, I don't feel so bad about not reading this series. I thought I was the only reader on the planet who hasn't read it. A friend of mine keeps trying to push me into it, but I just don't think it's for me. Although I did enjoy your review of Breaking Dawn and appreciate your honest thoughts. Who knows. maybe one day . . .

Toni said...

Dar...if you read the other three I do recommend finishing it up. I think you'll like it.

TJ .. thanks for stopping by. :)

Lindsey.. I agree with you on the boo hoo stuff. A lot of people pointed it out in the first books...for some reason it didn't bother me. In BD it did. Thanks for the comment.

Rhapsody..I so agree. I remember some of my serious YA thoughts back in the day. I'd love to read these books from that perspective. Honestly though I didn't seem to need the perspective in the first two books.

Jenny... I was okay with the Renesme thing in general, but thought it was handled poorly. IMHO.

Anna...I agree ...I was a bit let down by the book. But I did want to wrap up the series. I was just too long.

Kasnishk - thanks for the comment. Did you like or read the book. There were times in the book that I thought even Young Adults might have been a bit bored. I am curious about that.

Reading Odessey.. I find that the books were addictive no matter how much I was enjoying them at the time. I stopped by your blog. What a great challenge you have going on. Good luck. I will stop by from time to time.

Lenore...You would be surprise how many have not read them. I am in a book club and only about 30% of us have read them...not everyone's favorite. Even my daughter hasn't read them... but does enjoy the movies.

Lisa... as I said to Lenore... I know quite a few that are passing on the series. I am glad I read them. Not my normal read but I did enjoy them. I also enjoyed Meyers The Host.

Serena said...

This was the worst book in the series...it felt rushed and in dire need of serious editing. I hated that there was build up to an ending that fell flat for me. I would never read this book again...ever!

ok, was that enough...

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the twilight series at first ^^ but now I'm a real fan...I don't know why, I think I like the romantic aspects of the story :) I like your blog, I blog about fashion and beauty but also a bit about books :)