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Friday, February 27, 2009

Drood - Blog tour - Dan Simmons

WELCOME to the Drood Blog Tour!

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Guaranteed to be an outstanding Blog Tour. Please see the end of the post to see other blog tour participants. Stop by and show the love!

Drood is in the house!
Full Description:
On June 9, 1865, while traveling by train to London with his secret mistress, 53-year-old Charles Dickens--at the height of his powers and popularity, the most famous and successful novelist in the world and perhaps in the history of the world--hurtled into a disaster that changed his life forever.

Did Dickens begin living a dark double life after the accident? Were his nightly forays into the worst slums of London and his deepening obsession with corpses, crypts, murder, opium dens, the use of lime pits to dissolve bodies, and a hidden subterranean London mere research . . . or something more terrifying?

Just as he did in The Terror, Dan Simmons draws impeccably from history to create a gloriously engaging and terrifying narrative. Based on the historical details of Charles Dickens's life and narrated by Wilkie Collins (Dickens's friend, frequent collaborator, and Salieri-style secret rival), DROOD explores the still-unsolved mysteries of the famous author's last years and may provide the key to Dickens's final, unfinished work: The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Chilling, haunting, and utterly original, DROOD is Dan Simmons at his powerful best.

Author Information:

Dan Simmons is the award-winning author of several novels, including the New York Times bestsellers Olympos and The Terror. He lives in Colorado.

My review:

Drood is an outstanding book that reads like classic literature. The book is fascinating with a rich and interesting point of view. Wilkie Collins, colleague, acquaintance, and friend of Charles Dickens is telling this story. The book is nothing short of a masterpiece in storytelling. There is jaw dropping action as well and very detailed historical references. It is a rich, graphic mystery involving Drood. I can't go into detail about this character without spoiling.

From the rich London settings, to the depths of the underground Opium dens and crypts, the book has all the rich elements of outstanding historical fiction. Even though it reads like a fantastic fictional story, it is easy to get lost in the story and think one is reading NON FICTION. The writing is so believable that we actually think we are reading a first hand account of this whole incident. It is a truly unique tale. It is oh so haunting.. think graveyards, crypts, bugs, the underground dwellers and murder!

I think we will be talking about Drood in this house for a long time to come. Tomorrow we can check in to see what my son Gary has to say about the book.

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Kaye said...

OOh, I got chills reading your review! Great job,Toni. From all the appearances of words from this book on Wondrous Words, it sounds like a deep book. Chunkster for sure. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I might put this on the "down the road" tbr list.

bermudaonion said...

I loved this book. I'll be interested to see what your son has to say about it.

Luanne said...

I loved the 'creepiness' of it Toni - I'll be curios to see what Gary thinks of it! Thanks for the link!

Jo-Jo said...

That sounds great Toni...I haven't read a good creepy book for quite awhile so I think I'm going to have to read this one!

Ti said...

I have to come back to your review as I am reading the book now. I am loving it. Oh.. and have you read The Terror yet? I loved that one too.

avisannschild said...

I totally want to read this book now that I'm reading all these great reviews of it! Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to finish this one up. If only school would understand that Simmons is burning a hole into my brain with curiosity! D:

Serena said...

Great review girl! I love this review...I cannot wait to finish...if this book gets better I think this will be on my list for the best of 2009!

Anna said...

Okay, now I really want to read this book. I like dark, haunting stories.

Diary of an Eccentric

April said...

Awesome review and post, Toni! I loved Drood as well and will be checking into more books and info on Wilkie and Charles.
I love your blog! You know, I see your profile pic at several places and for some reason don't recall stopping by! I am thrilled that I did and will be checking in a lot!!!!
Have a great weekend and I look forward to comparing notes on Galaway Bay!

Miriam said...

I love that this has become a family affair! And I adored your reading progress widget...as you know. :)

drey said...

I couldn't believe how much opium was used in those days... And how creepy some of the creepy passages were. Ugh! =) Great review.

Anonymous said...

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Toni said...

Kaye - it is a good classic book. But yes...a little on the chilling side. I still think it is a booklovers book.

Kathy - I loved it to. I am curious what Gary will write also. (coming soon)

Luanne - Creepy is surely the word... but in that good quality creepy way... LOL

Jo-Jo.. I think you are going to shiver a few times while reading the book. :)

Ti.. I haven't read the Terror but I have it nearby to read soon!

Avisann - It is one to read. The next time you want "meaty, Classic, rich," this is the book.

TJ - Ha.. Simmons is burning a hole in my brain too! Very very addictive.

Thank you Serena.. well.. just when you think "humm...what is next.." there is serious drama.

Anna.... this is the haunting quality book to read when you are up for it.

April... I was able to check out your blog and add to my followers list too! Blog tours are cool that way. Thank you.. I so enjoyed my visit to your blog also!!

Miriam.. It was a fun family affair. Thank you.. this is a great way to keep the book lingering.. it is a linger worthy, talk about for awhile book.

Drey - Ugh.. I agree.. the unclean drugs and ways were just so vile. Seriously sad, and seriously creepy to have to go to a underground den to get them. Can you imagine having a weekly date to lie in an Opium den Underground... ick!

Monkare- Why thank you very much. I really enjoy the bloggers and the Blog tours. I hope to be in for the Long Haul. Nothing is quite as rewarding as sharing and meeting people through books.

Okay.. I am going to bed.. what a fun day.. Drood rocks!! and this tour day was fun with so much buzz...so many talented reviews. I love to go to bed all filled up with literary good stuff.

Debs Desk said...

Please include me in your drawing. What a great review. This is one that I will have to read.

Jenny Girl said...

Excellent review sweetie!

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