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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Saturday

Just checking in!

I am reading Stand the Storm, Breaking Dawn and a few other books. I am having trouble focusing so I tend to knit more when I am in this state. I am very very excited about a few of my new books and I can't wait to get my mind chilled out in books.

I am reading Stand the Storm with my Book Club and we are enjoying it and having some good conversations on Tuesday nights via yahoo messenger. I hope to share more on this soon.

I will be popping in your blogs and reading and doing some commenting. If you have anything special that you want me to check out, please put a link on this post and I will come on over to visit.

I will post the Dying for Mercy winners today or tomorrow! Good luck everyone!

Hubby's leg is mending but doc says we are about 1.5 weeks away from feeling a big difference. He has been a trooper. The second surgery is set for Oct 28th. I have been a good nurse although I might say I am one of those sort of cranky nurses? I think I would be afraid to put it as a question to the patient. He might say yes, but there is no denying that I am efficient. I am a bit pooped out, but nothing that is going to kill me. Thursday night I had a weird allergic reaction and my lips got really big. I have a photo but really am way too chicken to post it.

Dexter good ole buddy of mine was just at this point where I figured I had a good dog and he was just behaving so well. Since the leg break, and my busy schedule, this dog is acting horrible. I mean really horrible. He wants to eat, chew and destroy things. He wants to taunt me, he won't come when I call him he looks over his shoulder and dares me to follow. He pretends to wait for me and when I get a foot away and runs. Of course then he stops and looks at me like..."this is fun.. wanna do it again." I swear he is taunting me and laughing at me.

Here he is this morning in the sun. See the look on his face. I was going to work and needed him to come in the house. The look... "come and get me.. yeah.. try it.. " I need to take him for some serious runs to tire him out. I am sure it is just an attention thing.... or I am in hella big trouble. Yes, I said Hella. The dog is going to drive me to drink and swear. Okay that is kind of a lie. I drink and swear anyway. Have a great day.


Rachel said...

You have an award waiting on my blog

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Poor Dexter! You are paying too much attention to someone else!!!

I think you should post the picture of the big lips - after all, there are women who pay gazillions to get big lips! And you got them for free!!!

Janel said...

Cooper is testing his boundaries again too. Maybe it's just because it's summer! Although, a good walk on a regular basis helps a lot at curbing bad behavior.

Oh said...

enjoyed this post from start to end and LOL-ed (nearly) all the way! First of all, I am not the greatest nurse, well, I am, I am efficient and caring but...a bit brisk. Ask anyone in my family!!! so you made me laugh on that topic. And secondly, your dog has turned bad? Nah. I mean come on, look at that face! We have a beagle (close relative of the basset, btw) who has done the same thing FOR 15 YEARS! Except he's slowed down a lot now and it's far easier to catch him.
Go ahead and swear -and LAUGH! We understand, we "get" it, and we do it, too. Ah, the amazingness of some things that are universal!

Rachel said...

Are going to be Twi-sparkly person or whatever you call it. I beg you! Don't go to the dark side!

bermudaonion said...

Glad to hear your hubby's leg is doing well. It sounds like Dexter is feeling neglected - he'll come back around when things settle down.

DesLily said...

love love love your doggie pic! Good thing I didn't have a mouthfull of coffee when I saw it or my computer screen would be spattered! What a great expession!

Dar said...

Poor Dex. Like I told you he's just suffering from not being the center of attention. Buddy was the same. He's used to having all of you and now it's gone so he's going to drive you as crazy as he possibly can.

You know I'm struggling with Stand the Storm. I haven't gone back to it yet. Yikes!

Anyhow, I hope Roman gets well quickly and Dex starts to behave.

ANovelMenagerie said...

Oh... Mom... just look at that face! How could you be mad at that face? He's so cute! I swear!

Mine is sleeping after a long walk to the park with the twins.

Sorry about the leg!


Cindy said...

Your dog is adorable!!

Ti said...

Oh my...Dexter is not happy that you have been catering to another. That face says it ALL!

kalea_kane said...

Toni, I am glad your husband is on the mend, and I think you are just fabulous! Dexter probably is reacting to the stress of the situation and wants you to break free and play. Or he is just being a stinker and wants attention.

I think it is awesome that you have an online book club. That sounds so fun! I use to belong to a book club here, but things got a little too scattered for everyone.

Kelly :)

Jenny Girl said...

good thoughts and hugs your way sweetie. I am not a very good nurse either, so don't feel bad. I try my best but I have no patience.
Bad Dexter! Dogs get weird sometimes. Maybe he is missing all the attention.
hang in there girl!