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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lit Flicks Challenge - Finalized Reading List

I have selected my final books for my Lit Flicks Challenge.

1. Little Women - (1/2 done) . I own the book and the newer movie, I haven't seen the older version with Kate Hepburn.

2. The Hours - ( I read this when it came out and saw the movie). It is on my top list of favorites EVER!! so I want to take time this year to re-read and re-watch. (I own the book, not the movie)

3. Wuthering Heights- I have never read the book or saw the movie. I own the book.

4. Twilight -Stephanie Meyer - I had not read the book and have been wanting to for a while and the movie is coming out so I added it to the challenge.

5. A Tale of Two Cities - I own the book, but I have never read. I have never seen the movie.

I am excited to get some of these need to read and re-read into my reading diet at the end of this year. It will be cool to start 2009 with some good classic literature checked off my list. I also have a little shopping to do.. and that is good retail therapy!!!!!

Edited 11/9/2009 - Added Twilight to my list.


Dar said...

Great list Toni. You already know I'm reading Little Women but I'm going to be reading Wuthering Heights too, providing I ever get my butt in gear on my classics reading. You know I have The Hours but have never read it yet.

Shana @ Literarily said...

Toni, it looks like you're going to have fun with this challenge!

I've watched the newer Little Women too and didn't know Katherine Hepburn starred in an older version.

Toni said...

Hi Dar. I love the Hours both the movie and the book. Way up there as favs....

Shana, this is my first challenge so I am excited about it. ;)

Thanks for the comments ladies!