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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

This weekend I went to the
Roseville Friends of the Library Book Sale.....and I all I wanna do is wiggle and shout. BOOK BARGAINS!!

$6.00.. yep SIX Dollars .. look how my library increased in a wonderful way. I actually haven't read any of these books and I am so excited to do so.

I am so happy to complete my beautiful Mayfair Witch Series by getting a nice copy of
Taltos.!! And some other "hope to be favorite books."

I could have waited until Sunday... Sunday from 12 -4 was fill a brown paper bag for ONE dollar sale.. but what if my little lovelies were not there? I really couldn't take the chance! Ask me if I am a friend of the
Roseville Library and I will tell you, for sure!!!

The Blind
Assassin, Margaret Atwood
Taltos, Anne Rice
Specimen Days, Michael Cunningham
Three Junes, Julia Glass
Rhett Butler's People, Donald
Our Lady of the Forest, David
Daughter of Fortune, Isabelle Allende

Please post your comments and thoughts.. (no spoilers please) on what you think I should read first....any favorites in the group? I would love to hear from you.



Dar said...

That is quite the haul Toni. Hey I have some of those books too. Let's see I have Taltos, Three Junes, Rhett Butler's People and I haven't read any of them yet. lol. Glad the trip was so worthwhile for you. You definitely got some awesome books there and only for $6. You can't beat that can you. I can't wait for all these reviews.

Red lady-Bonnie said...

You got some great books Toni! What a deal! I love library book sales but I have stopped going as I have SO many books TBR!!! I have only read Three Junes so I would recommend that one!!! I really liked that one but loved her next book The Whole World Over. She has a new book coming out soon. I have The Blind Assasin and Daughter of Fortune on my TBR shelf.

Toni said...

Hi Dar and Bonnie!

I am certainly going to review what I read.. (I hope)... and I will let you know what I think... maybe a group suggestion in the bunch?

Bonnie.. I love a great sale.. and the condition they are in... well they are like NEW!!!! I too have TOO many books!! (ha.. no such thing)

Thanks for the comments.. nice to "see" you ladies.


Jenn said...

In the spirit of Halloween, I say you should read Taltos next, Toni. Oh, how I miss those Mayfair Witches!

Toni said...

Hey Jenn.. that is a good idea!!!
Maybe I will start it on Halloween.. :) I need to finish up the saga. I love the epic story of the Mayfair Witches.

Shana @ Literarily said...

I've read Daughter of Fortune, Toni, and it's excellent. I'm a huge Allende fan. After you've read this one you'll want to read Portrait in Sepia and House of Spirits, in that order.

Toni said...

Hi Shana.... I am excited to read it. It was in the "Borders recommends" section forever. I love to hear good recommendations. Thank you