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Saturday, October 4, 2008

On My Night Stand

Three good books!! It has been fun to wrap up August/ September reading. I am in the home stretch now!

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand. (Almost done!!)
Cassandra and Jane, Jill Pitkeathley. ( Finished... see previous review)
The Snow Flower and the Fan, Lisa See. (Almost done)

Atlas Shrugged is a magnificent book. I would add it to your list of accomplishment reads if you get a chance. It is on the longest books list

It is the story of a woman. A story of contemporary civilization in the hands of a government that will soon add to the collapse of society with the exception of a few. Socialization and nationalization of everything. It is the story of a brave and smart woman who is true to her ideals and a handful of others that dare to challenge the system. Some give up the battle and seek an alternate way of life or refuge. It is a story of what happens when the government over regulates everything for the good of NOBODY!!

The book is dramatic, poetic, eloquent with very detailed writing and descriptions. It was written in 1957. The book has an eerie modern feel to it. It has scenes and parts that seem to parallel some of our governments struggles and mandates of this modern time. Most of the time while reading you do no even get the feel that you are in the past by almost 40 years.

It is a book that makes you turn page of page even after exhaustion. And just when you pause for a moment to say "where is this going?' Boy Howdy... look out.. there is another Zinger. Yep.. keep on reading.. It is worth it.

I read this for my summer read with my online book club, The Page Turners.

Another book on my night stand is called
The Snow Feather and the Secret Fan. I love this book. It is so heartwarming. You will fall in love with Lily and Snow Flower and the brave Chinese women in the story. It tells the story of foot binding, bed business and the plight of being born a woman in 1828 in China. It is sorrowful and moving. It is the tale of sisterhood and best friends. Long after the book is over you will remember Lily and Snow Flower and the circumstances that befell their life long friendship.

And of course I am finished with Cassandra and Jane (see previous review).

I have begun
Little Women, Louisa May Alcott for our Page Turner selection for October. So far it is simply written and a sweet and cheerful novel to begin as Fall skies enter into the Northern California area. We were blessed with rain showers over the last 24 hours and I hope we get some more. The air is clean and alive!

October / November reading should include some other fantastic books that I hope to share with you.


Dar said...

Awesome Toni. lol, you already know how I feel about Atlas but I'd love to read Snow Flower. It's one of many books on my shelf. Little Women, I'm going to be behind. I really need to get these 3 books I have started out of the way before I indulge in another. It shouldn't be bad though, once I start reading it I'll be hooked. I got Cassandra and Jane in the mail yesterday so I'm looking forward to it too. Have fun reading, that's what I'll be doing today now that I got back from grocery shopping.

Toni said...

Hi Dar.... thanks.. yep... I think I know how you feel about Atlas... for some reason..destiny perhaps .. I picked it up at a time that I was able to savor it.... another time.. maybe.. uh.. not so much... C & J is charming.

Have a good day!

Jessica said...

Toni, thanks for joining the Lit Flicks Challenge! It looks like you're already reading at least one that will count for the challenge (Little Women). I look forward to your reviews!

Toni said...

Hi Jessica! I am not sure I linked things correctly. But I am reading along. Thanks .. any tips you can offer would be great.