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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday - Going to the Dogs..

A Sunday Rose for you before I inundate you with doggie photos!

It was a nice Sunday morning. I spent sometime in the back with the dogs. Excuse the landscaping. With the hubby's leg broken, I have been the major landscaper here. I don't think I need to explain further. (by the way, hubby has the final surgery on Wednesday and he will take his first steps in over 3 months!)

So we have our Editor in Chief Dexter. I think everyone knows him by now. But I feel sort of bad if I haven't mentioned much about Lele. She is my eight year old chubby Chihuahua. She is a sweet gal, and we really do love her. She is just sort of a dog-dog, and not so much a human dog. But since I haven't mentioned her much I will put her picture up first. Here she is smiling in the sun. Dexter loves her and lets her boss him around completely. She doesn't take any crap from Dexter.

We have a new addition to the house. My daughter moved back home (YAY) and we have Lola. Lola is a one year old Chihuahua mix. You can see the Chihuahua in her, but we are not sure what else. Anyway, she is a smart and lovable and gets along well with Lele and Dexter. Here she is. I think she looks like Bill Mahr. (I kid Bill Mahr).

Here they are in some sort of Doggie Meeting. ( I don't trust them, neither does Dexter, he is really focused).

Dexter loves it when the girls follow him around. He also loves when they get into a fight. He just stands and watches. He looks amused, almost like he is saying.. "chick fight.. chick fight."

And then there is Dexter. Why do some have all the good looks? I just don't know. Dexter says "hey don't hate me cause I am beautiful, I got good genes. " Here is his good boy pose. Don't let it fool you. I have paw prints on my freshly made bed to prove it..

Here is a good hunting shot. "what can I find? what can I eat? what can I destroy?"

Just cooling off the toes.

And he does sit up for ice cubes.

Basically in the next shot he is watching those girls because you just can't trust them.

Happy Saturday. This post is for all the Read A Ton-ers!! Good job everyone! I thought some pictures might be good on the eyes today. Have a great week.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Dexter is just so sweet! Thanks for posting the photos!

Janel said...

Too cute! Looks like you could have some serious doggy escapades if the girls gang up on the boy.

bermudaonion said...

All of your dogs are cutie pies, and it looks like they're in charge!

Anonymous said...

Your dogs would work well with my CAT editors. : ) Isn't it funny how our pets inspire us?

Have a wonderful week, and thanks for the fun pics.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Toni love that flower and Dexter is getting big. So cute have a grt week ahead

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Love all the pictures, Toni :) You've got quite a few characters there!

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

I like the "Diggie meeting", cute. Well not to be prejudice but I think Dexter is the cutest.

Read-a-ton, haha thats funny.

I don't know about anyone else but I feel burn out! I was totally exhausted Sunday.

Ti said...

Lola is a doll. Dexter doesn't seem to agree but it's hard to share the love.

Diane said...

Toni..those pictures are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Jo-Jo said...

Dexter is such a stud! Thanks for sharing the pics Toni.

Serena said...

Editor in Chief Dexter is a stud! Look at all those little women he has around. Wow. Love the dog photos and those little ones are cute too.

Teddy Rose said...

Wonderful pictures of your kids Toni! Thanks for sharing them!

Amy said...

Lola is a cutie! And Dexter is so handsome with those eyes of his and I love how he sits for cubes! Lele's smile is beautiful and her little chubby belly makes her a cutie pie! I have many cats in my home but I adore dogs too. If I was able to walk dogs I'm not sure what I would do. I think I would have to find some cats and dogs that get along well!

Thank you for sharing your furry family!

Nina said...

WOw, you have beautiful dogs. :)
And that name LOlA, such a fun name. :)