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Monday, November 21, 2011

Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan

I bought this and read it on my IPad. I enjoyed this book tremendously. To talk out it in detail is to spoil. There are not many big reveal plots in the story, it is just life. The life of women in a family. Three generations, four different woman.

It is a great book club read or girlfriend, mother-sister read. Guys might like it too, I just don't know any that would so I hasten to recommend. But I do not feel this was "chick lit."

It filled my need to read and veg and "visit" another family and "get away."

Think it would be a good summer read. Enjoy!

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Wall-to-wall books said...

Ahhh Toni!!!! It has been such a long time since we have heard from you!

I know a few other people who have read this book and they liked it too.

bermudaonion said...

I'm in the minority on this one - it just didn't have enough plot for me.

Toni said...

Hello Wendy... I know! I am so out of the loop in blogland. I am so glad I know Princess Kitty or I might have thought... who is Wall-to-wall books?

So nice to see you!

I enjoyed the book, but didn't go crazy on about it. I have been on a reading drought, I wasn't in a mood to get really extensive in my thoughts of plot, and deep critical thinking of the book.

So happy to see you!

Toni said...

Kathy... I completely get what you are saying. It just worked for me for some reason. Got me at a good time. So nice to see you!

One day I will be back making the rounds. I don't know anything about what new books are out there and I will be looking for some suggestions and dipping my toes in blogland again.

Ti said...

I haven't read this one and probably won't, only because lately if it's not depressing in some way, I seem to avoid it like the plague. LOL.

How have you been? I am so glad that I see you on FB every now and then or I'd be having Toni withdrawals. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Toni said...

Ti, you are cracking me up. I am reading Water for Elephants. It is pretty gritty.. might be depressing enough for you. :)

Thank you for the nice words. I like seeing you on Facebook too. That way I get my Tina fix! Happy Gobble Gobble Day.

Jenny Girl said...

Toni! How are you sweetie? Hope you are well. Enjoy your holidays :)

Brasil said...

I loved J. Courtney Sullivan's first novel, Commencement, so I was extremely excited to read her follow-up. Thankfully, I was not disappointed at all.

Much like Commencement, Maine is the story of four women, with chapters flip-flopping back and forth between them. But rather than friends, these women are related, and each harboring their own secret. The story is set as summer starts, and the four women converge upon the family summer house in Maine, one won by a lucky game of poker right after World War II. Generations have descended upon it, however this may be the last one.