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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Book! Far Bright Star, Robert Olmstead

Hello Everyone:
I haven't participated in Mailbox Monday in a while, but I wanted to post about this great book I received from Algonquin! Thank you!  I think this book sounds awesome and I wanted to share with everyone.  

About Far Bright Star

The year is 1916. The enemy, Pancho Villa, is elusive. Terrain is unforgiving. Through the mountains and across the long dry stretches of Mexico, Napoleon Childs, an aging cavalryman, leads an expedition of inexperienced horse soldiers on seemingly fruitless searches. Though he is seasoned at such missions, things go terribly wrong, and his patrol is suddenly at the mercy of an enemy intent on their destruction. After witnessing the demise of his troops, Napoleon is left by his captors to die in the desert.

Through him we enter the conflicted mind of a warrior as he tries to survive against all odds, as he seeks to make sense of a lifetime of senseless wars and to reckon with the reasons a man would choose a life on the battlefield. Olmstead, an award-winning writer, has created a tightly wound novel that is as moving as it is terrifying.

photo of Robert Olmstead

About Robert Olmstead

Robert Olmstead is the author of six previous books. Coal Black Horse was the winner of the Heartland Prize for Fiction and the Ohioana award and was a #1 Book Sense Pick and a Borders Original Voices selection. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and an NEA grant, he is a professor at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Update on me!  I am slowly getting some readng Mojo back. I am reading Hungry Woman in Paris, by Josephina Lopez and I am re-reading The Witching Hour by Anne Rice.   So many of you have sent me regards and love regarding my mom. I wanted to report to everyone that she is now cancer free.  She had her PET Scan a few weeks ago and all is great!  Thanks to all for you kind words, notes, prayers and thoughts.

Happy Hump Day and before you know it I'll be popping by your blogs!!  

Love and Sunshine,


bermudaonion said...

What wonderful news about your mother!

The book sounds so good, but Algonquin's books almost always do.

itsJUSTme said...

Hey girl! Long time, no post! LOL
Yes! Ode to Billie Joe, I did think of that! Loved the book.

Mystica said...

Glad to know that things are better for the family.

diaryofaneccentric said...

What great news about your mom! :)

I received a surprise copy of this book. I'm not sure it's my cup of tea, so I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

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